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Workplace Interaction

Workplace Interaction

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to gain consensus from stakeholders and decision makers, and foster positive communication climate within the challenging workplace environment.

  • Manage emotions of self and others for positive relationship.

  • Work with people whose personalities and communication styles are different.

  • Handle diverse and difficult people with less stress and more understanding.

Course Outline
  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Self/peer assessmentIdeal interpersonal performer

  • Take control in managing intimidating personalities

  • Managing workforce diversity

  • Behaviour types and communication styles

  • Gaps of interpersonal habits for personal improvement

  • Gain respect

  • Speak the language of the audience

  • Master questioning and active listening skills

  • Power of praise

  • Deliver positive and constructive feedback

  • Gossips management

  • Deal with credit taker

  • Office politics

  • Conflicts mangement

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