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Team Performance Though Strategic Relationship Management

Team Performance Though Strategic Relationship Management

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for professionals to develop great relationship management skill in order to build a high performance team. This course will help professional to be a great team player through building relationship and bond with colleagues.

  • Build high performance team through gaining a comprehensive understand of the essential features of effective team building.

  • Increase team performance by communicate effectively.

  • Build consensus through understanding.

Course Outline
  • Relationships between team

  • Balancing the needs of all team

  • Five stages of team development

  • Characteristics of great teams

  • Team members and their characteristic

  • Analysis the relationship

  • Planning the relationship strategy

  • Building the trusted relationship

  • Performance management

  • Business relationship management

  • Team performance and team players

  • The trust/relationship model

  • Team planning tools

  • Improvement plans

  • Shared leadership

  • External relationship

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