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Team Building

Team Building

Duration (Days)

1 Day / 2 Days / 3 Days


This course is designed according to client’s training objectives , budget , venue preference ( indoor and / or outdoor ) , total number of participants. Each trainer has his/her own program outline and activities.Your company’s needs are unique , your team is original. We believe that one size wont fit all. Hence , we never cut and paste the same team building program for our client. We will design a bespoken team building program according to your company’s budget, training objectives , number of participants , venue etc.Contact our team and tell us your preference. Whether it is a outdoor , indoor or a mixture of both . We will be able to create an action packed and dynamic learning experience for your company.

  • Learn to think outside of the box. 

  • Multi-tasking and how it can be done better as a team

  • Rectify team improvement and share information appropriately

  • Value team synergy towards excellence work performance

  • Maximize the effectiveness of every team member in an organization

  • Build effective leadership practices

  • Understand the company’s goals and build the force around it

  • Understand team work and how to make it work

  • Discover the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals

  • Remove the fear of failure barriers when working with others

  • Understand the importance of time and deadlines when working together as one

  • Plan strategically to solve problems timely

Course Outline
  • Option 1 Indoor activities

  • Option 2 Indoor and outdoor activities

  • Option 3 The amazing race

  • Option 4 Local or overseas trip

Send us an email to request for a quotation and brochure.

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