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Sales Communication

Sales Communication

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help professionals to start a potential business relationship through small talk. The course will cover initiating a conversation, carrying on a conversation and exiting the conversation.

  • Develop communication skills to start sales conversation.

  • Understand impact of casual conversation in sales.

  • Know the essentials of conversation making.

  • Understand the importance of creating "The Moments" in daily interactions.

Course Outline
  • The value of small talk

  • Essential sales conversation skills

  • Creating positive first impressions

  • Sales communication process

  • Establishing credibility

  • Building rapport

  • Conversation starters

  • Communication styles

  • Elevator sales pitches

  • Casual conversationsIce-breakers

  • Formal business discussions

  • Initiating a conversation

  • Talk the talk: maintaining a conversation

  • Meaning of gestures and motions in communication

  • Language, interpersonal and cultural tips

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