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Sales And Marketing Strategies For Engineers

Sales And Marketing Strategies For Engineers

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for engineer who want to learn how to interact and support sales team. By acquiring the basic skills in sales & marketing, engineer will be able to converse and support the marketing & sales team during meeting with client.

  • Simplify technical strategy to match to sales & marketing processes.

  • Gain a clear understanding of their role in supporting the sales and marketing of company's products and services such as machines and spare parts.

Course Outline
  • Sales presentation with a new prospect

  • Marketing services and intangibles

  • Managing product life cycle

  • The world of selling

  • The sales cycle & process

  • Characteristics of an effective technical sales person

  • Product vs. solution selling

  • Value proposition vs. preventive measures

  • Talk about benefits not features

  • Keeping the interest alive

  • Role of an engineer during a new account sales presentation

  • Buying behaviour of customer

  • Support sales executives with technical solutions & information

  • Objections are good

  • Sales negotiation & tactics

  • Pressure tactics

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