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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to significantly improve public speaking skills by practicing and delivering speeches and presentations in a safe environment with personalized feedback through video recording and self-evaluation.

  • Learn to speak publicly in a convincing, confident and concise style.

  • Deliver dynamic and effective presentations.

  • Employ a method to create materials that support a compelling speech.

  • Build audience rapport through eye contact, vocal delivery and body language.

Course Outline
  • Creating compelling speech

  • Employing a proven five-step method

  • Identifying goal

  • The skill-building cycle

  • The construction and design process

  • Mind mapping as a presentation design tool

  • Shaping the presentation

  • Engaging your audience

  • The speaker as a visual aid

  • Animating speech with vocal variety

  • Delivering memorable openings and closings

  • Drawing the audience

  • Handling questions from the audience

  • Managing the post-talk

  • Q&A session

  • Building confidence with practice

  • Delivering presentation

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