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Positive Work Attitude

Positive Work Attitude

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to increase personal effectiveness and productivity that apply at workplace. By creating a positive work attitude, it will boost the effectiveness and productivity of the individual employee.

  • Understand how mindset is formed and it impact on one’s effectiveness and productivity.

  • Recognise the link between mindset and personal change to improve productivity.

Course Outline
  • Framework to mindset change and productivity improvement

  • Principles of personal effectiveness and productivity

  • The stages of change and learning

  • Recognise personal resistance to change

  • Efficiency self-control of personal resources

  • Cultivate effective time management

  • Effective management of procrastination

  • Capitalise on your strength

  • Effectiveness self mastery

  • Understanding and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

  • Recognise and change personal habits thoughts and action

  • Understanding and overcoming negative self-talk

  • Execution self call to action

  • Leveraging on personal trigger point of motivation

  • Setting and achieving personal goal

  • Leveraging on positive self-affirmation

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