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Mandarin Language Intensive Coaching

Mandarin Language Intensive Coaching

Duration (Days)

This is a custom-made program and classes are usually conducted throughout a few months.


This course is designed to help participants to learn Chinese Romanisation (pinyin), most commonly used vocabulary, everyday expressions, situational conversations, and Chinese cultural aspects. This included the followings:

  • Pronounce common Chinese words and phrases accurately.

  • Pronounce learned vocabulary and short phrases with correct tones.

  • Use spoken Mandarin to greet people and introduce themselves.

  • Use basic Mandarin verbally in simple daily conversation.

  • Demonstrate general conversation skills.

Course Outline
  • Greetings and expressions

  • Introduce oneself and family members

  • Numbers

  • Dates

  • Times

  • Food and beverages

  • Personal description

  • Shopping

  • Workplace

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