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Managing Generation Gap

Managing Generation Gap

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help management to understand the various generations and understand what motivates each of them and how to work together.

  • Find common ground among the different generations.

  • Master conflict management between generations.

  • Leverage the strengths of each generation in the work place.

Course Outline
  • Generations exist in workplace

  • Different generations

  • Characters

  • The working style

  • Finding a common ground

  • Adopting a communication style

  • Creating an affinity group

  • Embracing the hot zone

  • Peer

  • Succession plan

  • Younger employee managing older employee

  • Avoid turnover with a retention plan

  • Breaking down the stereotypes

  • Benefits of generation gaps

  • Embracing the unfamiliar

  • Closing the gap

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