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Handling Difficult Customers In Critical Situation

Handling Difficult Customers In Critical Situation

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help professional to manage difficult customer and situations more effectively by understanding the reason behind the complaint and how to solve the issue in the most professional way.

  • Identify what causes customers to be demanding or difficult and the consequences.

  • Develop strategies for managing different types of difficult customers.

  • Develop communication skills on empathetic listening, defusing conflict, speaking assertively.

Course Outline
  • Differentiating between upset customers and difficult customers

  • Different communication channels

  • Face-to-face interaction

  • On the telephone

  • Passive, assertive and aggressive

  • Benefits of assertive communication

  • Assertive self-assessment

  • Types of assertion

  • Assertive communication skills

  • Strategies for handling dissatisfaction

  • Customers’ problems and emotions

  • Listening and responding with empathy

  • Avoiding certain triggering words

  • Defusing phrases & the art of saying no

  • Managing the extremesDealing with feelings

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