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Feedback Management

Feedback Management

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help professionals their writing and thinking process with strategies that enable them to communicate and connect with tact, empathy and clarity on offline as well as online platforms.

  • Learn to identify customer needs and expectations effectively.

  • Learn to address customer issues with empathy and sensitivity while writing in a systematic manner.

  • Simple and effective techniques to write concisely and clearly, yet with shorter time.

Course Outline
  • Customer complaint iceberg theory

  • What customers never tell you but expect from you

  • The art and science of customer communicationsUnderstand customer prejudice and attitudes

  • Structure message to communicate tact, empathy and assurance

  • Organise long replies with useful content structures

  • What to say when you can provide partial or no resolution

  • Personalise opening for the customer

  • Write in a customer-centric vs. writer-centric manner

  • Steps to respond to complaints

  • Say more with less words

  • Minimise jargon

  • Avoid message spoilers

  • Managing social media feedback & complaints

  • The multiplier effect of social media

  • Develop an effective social media strategy

  • Specific tips on writing to social media complaints and feedback

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