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English Language Intensive Coaching

English Language Intensive Coaching

Duration (Days)

This is a custom-made program and classes are usually conducted throughout a few months.


This course is designed to learn how to speak and write effectively, convey messages clearly.Through practical exercises, facilitator presentations, group discussions and practice, and one-on-one coaching and feedback, to gain confidence in communication.

  • Identify and correct some of the most common grammatical mistakes.

  • Eliminate verb tense errors, misplaced and dangling modifiers, and improper pronoun usage.

  • Speak fluent English in workplace.

Course Outline
  • Grammar and communication

  • Building blocks of language

  • Putting the pieces together

  • Constructing messages

  • Order and agreement

  • Verb Tenses and number

  • Perfectly clear pronouns

  • Passive vs. active voice

  • Modifying messages

  • Punctuating life

  • Sentence structure

  • Fine-Tuning messages

  • Plurals

  • Possessives Numerals

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