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Emotional Quotient Cognitive Therapy

Emotional Quotient Cognitive Therapy

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participanats who would like to walk into the journey of the human mind from being unconscious incompetence to being unconscious competence. Participants will learn that it is a journey through your Primary Belief System of being able to do something you know and feel is the right thing to do.

  • Develop​ great self-awareness.

  • Apply four core emotional intelligence skills for achieving results.

  • Identify emotional strengths and areas for development.

  • Build and maintain an emotionally intelligent team.

Course Outline
  • Programme introduction

  • EQ writing evaluation

  • Personality evaluation

  • Cognitive understanding

  • Internal communication

  • Up-ladder communication

  • Down-ladder communication

  • Mental dysfunctional personality

  • Neuro linguistic programming introduction

  • Personality neuro linguistic adjustment

  • My NLP map

  • Socio linguistic management 

  • Cognitive mind theory

  • Personal listening skills

  • The secret mentor

  • Understand disruptive personalities

  • Answering the WHY personality

  • Body language communication

  • Terminal body language

  • Progressive body language

  • The liar and the truth sayer

  • Conflict resolution for subordinate conflict, superior conflict, clientele conflict

  • Goal setting for management. leadership, team building, the wingman

  • Understand the quotient therapy line-up

  • Emotional quotient link

  • Political quotient link

  • Spiritual quotient link

  • Intelligence quotient link

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