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Effective Telephone Techniques To Engage And Influence Customers

Effective Telephone Techniques To Engage And Influence Customers

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to polish professionals skills in handling all telephone calls effectively and professionally to generate the confidence and respect of customers.

  • Project a professional image on the telephone.

  • Understand the elements of effective telephone communication.

  • Build rapport and trust on the phone with customers.

  • Recognise customer’s telephone behaviours and respond accordingly

Course Outline
  • Projecting a professional image

  • Right impression of self and company

  • Customer service essentials

  • Effective telephone communication skills

  • Pre-planning sales and service calls

  • Manage call reluctance when communicating with customers

  • Managing In bound service and sales enquiries effectively

  • Common customer frustrations

  • Avoid mistakes

  • Use appropriate language

  • Listening techniques

  • Scripting the right message

  • Effective questioning techniques

  • Asking the right questions

  • Managing difficult situations and complaints

  • Recovery strategies

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