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Effective Business Writing Skills For Professionals

Effective Business Writing Skills For Professionals

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide guidelines and opportunities to practice effective business writing in hardcopy print, faxes, electronic communication, forms and summaries of information for inclusion in reports.

  • Identify and plan documents for business/organisational requirements.

  • Determine format, structure and key points to be covered in the document.

  • Develop and check a document for readability, grammar, spelling and paragraph construction.

Course Outline
  • Business/organisational requirements, methods and standards

  • Writing protocols, for internal and external communications

  • Determine the information for inclusion in the document

  • Covering key points

  • Conveying accurate information

  • Guidelines for formatting and layout

  • Identify the organisation’s preferred document style or layout

  • Readability

  • Grammar & spelling

  • Sentence and paragraph construction

  • Terminology and jargon

  • Grammar & spelling

  • Business procedures and protocols

  • Electronic communication

  • Writing an email

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