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Developing Voice For Presence And Impact

Developing Voice For Presence And Impact

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to leverage proven behaviours and techniques to establish individual communication style and authentic leadership voice for engaging, inspiring, and motivating others.

  • Adopt a strategic process and framework for leading change.

  • Communicate effectively to successfully implement change.

  • Apply a strategic approach to communication and planning.

  • Inspire and motivate others to support change.

Course Outline
  • Communicating as the key to leadership

  • Reviewing key communication skills

  • Uncovering the leader in you

  • The persuasive leader

  • The honest leader

  • Applying leadership objectives

  • Developing communication outcomes

  • Improving your political game

  • Refining your personal communication

  • Employing nonverbal skills for greater impact

  • Crafting compelling messages

  • Exploring communication styles

  • Rallying your team

  • Crafting compelling messages

  • Sustaining your change initiative

  • Dealing with difficult conversations

  • Managing conversational traps

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