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Customer Service With NLP

Customer Service With NLP

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to use NLP to build robust relationships with customers. Utilise NLP tools, strategies and techniques to maximize effective communication, build trust, turn problems into opportunities and recover from difficult situations.

  • Apply NLP presuppositions for building resourcefulness and resolve issues.

  • Exhibit more resourcefulness in front of customers.

  • Use the NLP meta model to communicate more effectively.

  • Turn every problems into opportunities to delight the customers.

Course Outline
  • NLP and customer service excellence

  • Customer expectation

  • NLP meta-programs

  • NLP pre-suppositions

  • Resolve issuesrapport building and gaining trust

  • The NLP state management model connect, communicate and persuade

  • Communicating with NLP meta model

  • Transformation of meaning

  • Empowering beliefs

  • Positive mental attitude

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