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Customer Complaint Handling

Customer Complaint Handling

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to learn how to manage customer complaints effectively during service breakdowns to retain customers’ confidence and loyalty.

  • Understand why people complain and why handling complaint effectively is important.

  • Identify and manage various types of complainers and handle complaints effectively.

Course Outline
  • The heart of handling complaints

  • Looking at complaints through different lenses

  • Cost and savings

  • Personal responsibility in handling complaints

  • Identifying and managing complainers

  • Different types of approaches

  • Demanding, high-value, con-man customer

  • Whining complainerEQ vs IQ

  • Calm - flight or fight

  • Avoid generalisation

  • Win-win thinking

  • Focus on customer’s perspective

  • Follow organisation’s policy for service recovery

  • Selling the options

  • Take immediate actions and follow up with promises

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