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Bringing Out Your Personal Best In Service

Bringing Out Your Personal Best In Service

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to focus on mindset change as the catalyst in creating a service-oriented culture in an organisation. By providing adequate service and service with a heart, professionals will take an extra mile to provide the best service to customer.

  • Elevate and raise service standards through excellent customer service.

  • Cultivating one’s mindset to create the passion and desire to serve.

  • Tips and techniques to motivate oneself for continuous improvement and keeping up with customers' expectations.

Course Outline
  • Service beyond transaction

  • Service is a 2 way street

  • Customer is always right

  • Past, present & future of service

  • Attack of the mindset

  • Overcoming emotional hijacking

  • Man versus machine

  • Linkage between people, process and product

  • Specific customers

  • Mapping out the customer's needs

  • Knowing what motivates your customers

  • Service levels

  • Personal encounters

  • Four strategies in handling challenging situations with customers

  • Communication skills

  • Listening and clarifying to enhance empathy

  • Making sincere efforts to serve

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