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Assertive Skills

Assertive Skills

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to groom professionals to communicate with assertiveness, rather than passivity or aggression, are more likely to maintain positive workplace relationships while meeting their goals.

  • Demonstrate and model assertive behaviour for win-win outcomes.

  • Gain self-awareness of your attitudes, behaviour patterns, and habits.

  • Develop a positive, proactive response to difficult behaviours.

  • Exhibit confidence in your ability to address challenging situations

Course Outline
  • Assertiveness essentials

  • Recognising modes of interactive behaviour

  • Contextual and situational considerations

  • Expressing personal power

  • Pinpointing patterns of behaviour

  • Mapping how people handle conflict

  • Overcoming challenging situations

  • Applying viable assertiveness techniques

  • Adopting effective assertivness strategies

  • Committing to assertive and skilful outcomes

  • Mastering assertiveness

  • Establishing a proactive assertive style

  • Practising effective assertiveness principles

  • Assertiveness action plan

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