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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Working At Height

Working At Height

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to increase the awareness and implement measures to work at height. It will also help participants to identify the hazards of work at eighth and simple rescue at heights.

  • Ensure compliance with the work at height regulations.

  • Receive proper knowledge of the legal requirements for working at height.

  • Adopt right techniques and ways to climb and work at hegith.

  • Identify hazards and assess risks.

  • Practice safe working with equipments.

Course Outline
  • Statistic analysis

  • OSHA 1994

  • Employer’s and employee’s duties

  • FMA 1967 Safety , health and welfare regulations 1970 and BOWEC Regulations 1986 DOSH guidlines

  • Ladders safety

  • Hazards of ladders

  • Roof safety

  • Scoffed and mobile elevated work platform safety

  • Inspection

  • Special precautions

  • Fall protection

  • Fall prevention equipment

  • Hazards identification and risk assessment

  • Severity of accident

  • Rescue plan

  • Suspension trauma

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