Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour Based Safety

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This course is designed to recognise the importance of individual attitude and how it affect safety at work . The program will help participants to understand the overview of safe and unsafe behaviour and learn how to reduce risks at workplace.

  • Understand individual behaviour towards OSH.

  • Effetely observe behaviour.

  • Identify safe behaviour and at risk behaviour at workplace.

  • Identify behaviour reinforcement concepts.

  • Motivate employs and address the human factor.

Course Outline
  • Behaviour based safety

  • Behaviour psychology

  • Risk behaviour at work place

  • Safety excellence and company performance

  • Evaluating organization performance

  • Safety intervention approaches

  • Intervention process

  • Human factor engineering

  • Human factor, error and at risk behaviour

  • Behaviour based safety principles

  • Safety communication processes

  • Safety motivation processes

  • Behaviour based implementation process

  • Evaluate various approach and create suitability