Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Hazardous Materials Management HAZMAT

Hazardous Materials Management HAZMAT

Duration (Days)



The course is designed for participants who handle hazardous chemicals in their daily work . They will learn on how to dispose off unwanted chemical wastes by following the Environment Quality Act.

  • Understand the legal aspects of OSHA regulations on Chemical management.

  • Learn the proper systems of labeling, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

  • Enhance your knowledge on the effect of the health of workers been exposed to hazardous chemicals.

  • Learn to maintain the chemical register and chemical safety data sheets.

  • Provide guidelines on how to dispose off the schedules wastes legally.

  • Learn how to response to chemical spillage and containment.

Course Outline
  • Legal compliance

  • Legal aspects of classification, packaging and labelling of hazardous chemicals

  • USECHH Regulations 2000

  • Safe handling of hazardous chemicals

  • Chemical safety data sheet

  • Personal protective equipmentIdentify risk of exposure

  • Storage and maintenance

  • Chemical register

  • Scheduled wastes regulations 2005

  • Chemical spills emergency response

  • Safe handling of hazardous gases

  • Video presentation

  • Demo with sorbent kit