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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Road Safety

Road Safety

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to improve driving skills and increase awareness of the importance of road safety. Polish participant's protective skills and how to react at an emergency circumstances.

  • Learn defensive driving and vehicle handling skills in accident avoidance.

  • Increase the awareness of their responsibility on the roads and gain knowledge to acquire skills to face road hazards in managing safe driving and professional driver operations.

Course Outline
  • Road safety statistics

  • Road signages

  • Identify defensive driving concepts

  • Hazard perception awareness

  • Driver attitudes behaviours and hazards

  • Negative and positive habits

  • Fatigue management

  • Seal belts

  • Inspection

  • Maintenance check

  • Brake , ABS , non ABSTyre inspection

  • Emergency braking techniques

  • Accident evasion

  • Emergency avoidance

  • Safe practices on the road

  • Safety tools

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