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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


PPE And Chemical Exposure

PPE And Chemical Exposure

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants to learn how to handle , store , process and residual materials. In order to sadly manage the chemical in the work place through more effective work practices.

  • Understand and implement proper procedures in handling chemicals at the work place.

  • Proper use of protective equipment.

  • Handle, control and prevent spills.

  • Avoid situation that might result in hazardous exposure.

Course Outline
  • Regulations and rules

  • USECHH REG 2000

  • Class regulation 2013

  • Types of chemical hazards

  • Chemicals hazardous to health

  • Health hazard due to chemical exposure Safety data sheet

  • Hazard pictograms

  • Signal word

  • Handling of chemicals and prevention Purchasing receiving, handling and storage Labelling and relabelling

  • Protective equipment

  • Chemical spills

  • Chemical control program

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