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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Office Safety

Office Safety

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants who are working in office but safety and health awareness are low. The course will boost the awareness of the important of safety and health hazards. It will prepare them for any emergency scenario.

  • Understand the OSH Act 1994 .

  • Know the safety and health hazards in an office environment.

  • Plan for emergency response in the workplace.

  • Increase the awareness of safety and health at the workplace.

Course Outline
  • OSH Act 1994

  • OSH committee

  • Safety and hazards in the office

  • Safety using stairs

  • Parking lot safety

  • Reduce slips and falls

  • Safe lifting and climbing

  • Climbing hazards and precautions Workplace inspection and procedure Effective inspection

  • Stretching exercises

  • Basic office safety rules and procedures Hazard recognition

  • Fire extinguisher

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