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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to coach participants on how to operate forklift safely to prevent injury and minimise property damage. As well as learn how to conduct daily inspection , proper maintenance and safety in the operation of the truck.

  • Understand OSHA94 .

  • Able to safely hand and operate the truck.

  • Complete the full operational procedures and routine inspection of the truck.

  • Learn the technique of safe manoeuvres and operation.

  • Practice good attitude and operating habits.

Course Outline
  • Property damages prevention

  • OSH Act 1994, section 24 & section 25 and SOCSO Road transport act, PDRM and local authority Forklift truck and dangers

  • Safe handling and good habits

  • Bad practices

  • Understand the forklift truck

  • Inspection of the truck

  • Pre-test evaluation

  • Demonstration

  • Practical test with inspection

  • Practical Test

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