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Safety Environment


Safety Environment


Food Safety

Food Safety

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to implement GMP at workplace . As well as understand the HACCP system and learn how to develop and manage the HACCP plan.

  • Understand about the current requirements to prepare the facility and resources fulfilling GMP and HACCP standards.

  • Set and implement the program.

Course Outline
  • GMP

  • GMP regulations

  • Setting up the program

  • Management commitment and responsibilities

  • Production equipment and utensils

  • Supplier quality assurance

  • Personnel

  • Pest control program

  • Clearing and sanitation

  • Chemical control

  • Product recall and customer complaint

  • Receiving, storage and distributions

  • Laboratory

  • Benefits of GMP

  • HACCP system

  • HACCP 7 principles

  • HACCP 12 stages

  • Managing the HACCP plan

  • HACCP GMP Sanitation

  • Integration of HACCP and ISO9001

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