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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants to learn how to reduce the cycle time and overall inventories as well as lowering the cost. Participants will learn how to be more efficient when managing the warehouse.

  • Understand the basic of warehouse management process.

  • Understand the key roles and responsibility in the warehouse.

  • Learn how to control the receiving , warehouse, issuing , material handling , data , inventory , space and safety.

Course Outline
  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Effective and ineffective warehouse

  • Positive attitude and mindset

  • Receiving control

  • Operational skills

  • Effective receiving

  • Improve accuracy and speed of receiving

  • Warehouse control

  • Practical warehouse layout

  • Coding systemIssuing control

  • Issuing parts process

  • Minimise and prevent out of stock

  • Improving issuing effectiveness

  • Material handling control

  • Effective material handling equipment

  • Stages of warehouse system

  • Data control

  • KPI and high accuracy

  • Inventory controlInventory indicators

  • Reduce inventory holding days

  • Space and safety control

  • Optimize warehouse space

  • Flammable material and hazardous material

  • Safety issues and precautions

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