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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide participants with a overview of the concepts and practical approaches in implementing total productive maintenance. It will provide an introduction and implementation roadmap to avoid downtime.

  • Develop skills to operate and maintain equipment and reduce unnecessary downtime due to minor stoppages, breakdown and quality problems.

  • Understand the overview of total productive maintenance all pillars that required for implementation.

Course Outline
  • Importance of maintenance

  • Different concepts of maintenance

  • Application of preventive and predictive maintenance

  • Maintenance inventory controls

  • Total productive maintenance strategy

  • Equipment management and new approach

  • Principles of prevention

  • Improving quality of workplace environment

  • Changing the equipment

  • Data collection

  • Methods of data collection

  • Advanced measurement systems analysis

  • Calculate maintenance performance / metrics

  • Tools of data analysis

  • Eliminating equipment losses

  • Autonomous maintenance

  • Characteristics of autonomous maintenance

  • Planning and scheduling maintenance

  • Spare parts inventory management

  • 8 pillars

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