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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to improve and develop current service processes. The course will help to provide participants with the practical skills to use value stream mapping to simplify processes and improve performance.

  • Identify processes and distinguish from procedure.

  • Learn how to construct the material flows and information flows.

  • Learn how to collect data from value stream mappings and learn the benefits of value stream mappings.

  • Understand customer demand.

Course Outline
  • Understanding customer value

  • Value add, value enabling and non-value adding activities

  • Current state value stream mapping

  • VSM tools and Icon

  • 8 step method of constructing the value stream map

  • Elements of a value stream map

  • Material flows and information flows

  • Value stream metrics

  • Current state value stream map

  • Analysing current state to identify waste

  • Developing an ideal future state:Customer demand

  • Continuous flow

  • Levelling

  • Prioritize list of opportunities for improvement

  • Bring all opportunities together in one matrix

  • Future state value stream mapping

  • Repeat cycle

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