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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Training Within Industry

Training Within Industry

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to establish the best practice to perform the task and perform effect on-the-job training. As well as to improve work processes in a focused and structured manner.

  • Apply training within industry tools and techniques.

  • Implement the correct training approach.

  • Use proven technique to effectively train all employees.

  • Improve daily operations and conduct systematic training to ensure correct understanding and skills.

Course Outline
  • Training within industry

  • Training within industry and lean thinking

  • The five needs model

  • Training within industry four-step method

  • Job instructions

  • Giving instruct

  • The job instruction four step method

  • Demonstration of job instruction

  • Method for job improvement

  • Job improvement four step method

  • Demonstration of job methodJob relations

  • The job relations four step method

  • Job relations

  • Production analysis board

  • Process capacity sheet

  • Standardised work combination table

  • Standardised work chart

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