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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Textile Winding Machine

Textile Winding Machine

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants to understand how to operate the textile machine in the factory. This course is planned according to the needs of manual of certain model of the machine in order for engineer and operator to learn how to master the machine functions.

  • Understand how to operate the SSM headstock / control cabinet

  • Check the components and 48 VAC & 24 VAC

  • Operate basic machine calibration Interpret actual values , production data read out etcInterpret the subsequent solution of error codes with reference

  • Adjust winding units and spindleMaintain ane repair machine

Course Outline
  • Headstock

  • Control cabinet

  • 48 VAC

  • 24 VDC

  • Machine terminal mt 2

  • Basic machine calibration

  • Winding technology

  • Recipes creation

  • Trials for different materials

  • Winding unit adjustment

  • Doffer adjustment

  • Supply package setup

  • Changing tube

  • Cone format

  • Recalibration spindle

  • Setup of recipe

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Spare parts

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