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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Statistic Process Control SPC

Statistic Process Control SPC

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to educate participants on how to utilise the seven basic tools of SPC in the context of a problem solving process. By using basic statistical and graphical analysis to directly influence organisational performance using SPC practices.

  • Understand variability and calculate process capability.

  • Use SQC tools to solve problem.

  • Understand how to use check sheets , cause and effect diagrams and flow charts.

  • Interpretation of histograms , pareto charts , run charts and scatter diagrams.

Course Outline
  • Introduction of statistical process control 

  • Statistical problem solving process 

  • Cost of quality 

  • Basic tools of problem solving

  • Parents analysis

  • Flow charts

  • Cause and effect analysis

  • Data collection 

  • Check sheets

  • Scatter diagrams

  • Histograms 

  • Run charts

  • Control charts

  • Statistical fundamentals – central limit theorem

  • X-Bar, R charts

  • Control Chart Interpretation

  • Rational Subgrouping

  • X-Bar, MR charts for individuals

  • Zone Control Charts for individuals

  • Charts for continuous processes

  • p-Charts

  • np-Charts

  • c-Charts

  • u-Charts

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