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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to identify the root causes of faults, failures and problems which can enable you to identify issue through investigations. Addressing the root causes of problems will help to improve quality, process flow and productivity.

  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to identify and document the rood causes of problems in production processes and administration systems.

  • Propose and evaluate solutions to prevent problems recurring.

Course Outline
  • Systems and processes

  • Process controls and failures

  • Process measurementInvestigating problems

  • Techniques and diagnostic tools

  • Using statistics in problem solving

  • Understanding ‘common causes’ and ‘special causes’

  • Improving process control

  • Improving process flow and productivity

  • Making improvements

  • Minimising the risk of change

  • Monitoring performance

  • Maintaining control

  • Accidents and ‘one-off events’

  • Gathering the evidence

  • Finding the cause(s)

  • Prevention and risk management

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