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Qualitative Data Analysis Using Strutural Equation Modeling (Smart PLS)

Qualitative Data Analysis Using Strutural Equation Modeling (Smart PLS)

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for researcher to learn how to conduct research studies using the latest data techniques which is an important skills needed by academicians and practitioners. This training aims to provide an introduction to data analysis approaches applied for data collection, analysis and interpretation. Through introducing Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), the program seeks to educate participants on how to test and develop theories and investigate various business and organizational-related problems by modeling latent variables.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Structural Equation Modeling

  • Construct and analyze complex structural models

  • Perform PLS Algorithm and Bootstrapping to assess measurement and structural models

  • Test hypotheses using SEM

Course Outline
  • Introduction of structural equation modelling 

  • Why SmartPLS: reasons, advantages and justification 

  • Preparation prelimanry decisions 

  • Understanding reflective and formative measures 

  • Using SmartPLS: hands-on 

  • Two stage approach 

  • Assessing measurement model (convergent validity, factor loadings, composite reliability, collinearity, discriminant validity)

Assessing structural model (bootstrapping and blindfolding, assessing R-square, assessing effect size, assessing Q-square)

  • Moderator analysis 

  • Mediator analysis 

  • Decisions on hypotheses 

  • Reporting results

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