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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 




Duration (Days)



This course is designed to learn how to achieve zero quality control system by removing the causes of defects or when this is impossible to inspect each item in an inexpensive manner to ensure to pass the quality threshold with no defects.

  • Understand the concept, principle and methods of mistake proofing.

  • Learning how to perform mistake proofing in systematic way to achieve zero quality control system ( ZQC ) .

  • Distinguish the difference between a Poka Yoke system and an inspection system.

Course Outline
  • Zero defect quality

  • The 6 principles of error proofing

  • Mistakes

  • Mistake proofing and benefits

  • Mistake proofing principle and concept

  • Poka Yoke methods

  • Types of Poka Yoke devices

  • Poka Yoke implementation

  • Root cause analysis

  • ZDQ & Poka Yoke implementation

  • FMEA analysis

  • Control plan

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