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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Mill Assessment

Mill Assessment

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to train participants how to assess conditions of mechanical and electrical function of the machines in order to learn how to keep the machine in top performance. Participants will learn about how to assess the mill process, work practice and technology. A plan will be created by the end of the assessment training to create plans with solution to increase efficiency.

  • Define the current situation & expectation.

  • Evaluation of running process conditions about possibilities of improvements in overall performance such as Quality - Productivity - Raw material – Energy saving.

  • Observe work practice in all process stages and suggest necessary correction. Knowledge sharing for consistent performance.

  • Assess conditions of mechanical and electrical function of the machines.

  • Study machine history and existing maintenance and suggest measures for improving utilization and component life.

Course Outline
  • Present status

  • Expectation defined

  • Survey and mill assessment

  • Process analysis

  • Data collection

  • Efficiency measurement

  • Quality

  • Productivity

  • Raw material saving

  • Energy saving

  • Machine software upgrading

  • Operate machinery

  • SOP

  • Machine maintenance procedure

  • Blowroom

  • Carding

  • Drawframe

  • Autoleveller draw frame

  • Combing preparation

  • Combing

  • Spinning machine

  • Compact machine K44

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