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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Measurement System Analysis MSA

Measurement System Analysis MSA

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants assess, monitor and reduce measurement system variateion. The system consis of five major characteristics of variation : bias, stability, linearity, repeatability and reproducibility. Through the program participation will be able to learn how to detect meaningful differences in process variables.

  • Apply measurement system analysis to prevent special and common causes of variation in processes.

  • Understand the basic rules of measurement system analysis and use for various process parameters.

  • Perform GR&R analysis study.

Course Outline
  • Measurement theory

  • Systematic error and random error

  • Measurement methods and measurement procedures

  • Location and variation

  • Sensitivity and readability

  • Measurement accuracy

  • Calibration , testing , standards and environment controls

  • Measurement traceability

  • Calibration methods

  • Method validation

  • Proficiency testing

  • Measurement assurance programs

  • Basic statistical use in MSA

  • Application of measurement

  • Measurement error

  • Risks associated with statistical decision making

  • Uses of measurement

  • Measurement and tolerances

  • Measurement system parameters

  • Gauge stability, bias , linearity, repeatability, reproducibility

  • Accuracy bias analysis

  • Precision analysis

  • GR&R study

  • Gauge repeatability and reproducibility study for attributes data

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