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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Measurement and Calibration Dimensional

Measurement and Calibration Dimensional

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide knowledge of the calibration systems such as measurement traceability, uncertainty, proficiency test to assess the uniformity of calibration performance, method and technical skill to perform a measurement, concepts of measurement, metrological requirements.

  • Understand the basic concepts of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

  • Understand types of metrology and its application

  • Understand the principle concepts on measurement and calibration Implement the basic technical skills in handling sample procedure for attribute and variable for ANSI/ASQ standards

  • Learn the measurement uncertainty that is mandatory requirement in calibration

  • Learn the measurement traceability from product of measurements to SI Base units

Course Outline
  • International systems of units

  • Calibration

  • Standards

  • Environment controls

  • Calibration procedures, interval, records

  • Basic statistical concepts

  • Probability

  • Probability distributions

  • Central limit theorem

  • Measurement traceability

  • National and international traceability

  • Measurement uncertainty

  • Uncertainties in the measurement process

  • Classify type fo uncertainty type A or BRSS method

  • Uncertainty report

  • Calibration certificates and accreditation laboratory

  • Proficiency testing

  • Measurement awareness

  • Measurement theory

  • Measurement error

  • Measurement system parameters

  • Fundamentals of calibration and testing

  • Traceability and calibration

  • Uncertainty of measurement

  • Precision, bias and trueness of a measurement process

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