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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Interpreting Mechanical Technical Drawing

Interpreting Mechanical Technical Drawing

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participant to understand mechanical engineering drawing. Participant will learn about orthographic projection with six views, section views, auxiliary views, dimensioning and notation.

  • Learn technical drawing and its application

  • Draw various types of lines using technical drawing

  • Learn the concept spatial visualisation and be profiency in applying the techniques

  • Learn six views of orthographic projection

  • Learn first and third angle projection

  • Prepare various types of section views and hidden views that is clear and precise

  • Learn metric, decimal inches and fractional dimensioning

Course Outline
  • Technical drawings

  • Drawing layout and tolerances

  • Axonometric projection views

  • Isometric projection

  • Axes, lines and scale

  • Angle projection 

  • First angle and third angel projections

  • Lines in technical drawing

  • Orthogonal views

  • Sectional views

  • Auxiliary views

  • Dimensioning and notation

  • Hole locations

  • Countersunk, counter bored and spot aces

  • RFS,MMC and LMC

  • ASME Y14.5M

  • ASME Y14.36

  • Threads and gears

  • Fundamental of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing GD&T

  • ASME Y14.5

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