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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Global Air And Sea Freight

Global Air And Sea Freight

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participant to understand all the procedures for air freight and sea freight. From documentation , material handling , cargo classification , freight payment , freight rates , payment methods etc.

  • Understand the air and sea freight process and rules .

  • Learn the operation procedures for air freight and sea freight.

  • Understand the inward and outward cargo flow.

Course Outline
  • Rules and regulation

  • Airway bill

  • Documentation

  • Airport facilities

  • Unit load device

  • Materials handling

  • Packing , labelling and handling

  • Weight and charges

  • Rate classification

  • Freight payment methods

  • Valuation and carrier insurance charges

  • Consolidation shipment

  • Shipping conventions and cogs

  • Contract of affreightment

  • Chargeable weight vs actual weight

  • Cargo space

  • Bill of landing

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