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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing GD&T

Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing GD&T

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants to learn the application of GD&T of the key concepts, drawing technic, analyse the measurement results and drawings in the GD&T system. Participants will learn all the symbols, rules, vocabulary, mathematical definition and standards in GD&T.

  • Learn the GD&T system and recognise the four major geometric characteristics.

  • Understand the symbols and abbreviations in GD&T

  • Learn the various type features control frames and the difference between composite and compound feature control frames

  • Apply GD&T to producer the parts with good quality and with high efficiency

  • Use maximum material condition to reduce risk and increase accuracy

Course Outline
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing system

  • GD&T

  • Symbols

  • Regular and irregular feature of size

  • Axis of a feature

  • Feature control frames

  • Geometric characteristics symbol

  • Feature control frames

  • Modifier

  • RFS

  • Regardless of feature size

  • MMC Maximum material condition

  • LMC Least material condition

  • Material and virtual condition

  • Virtual condition and boundaries

  • Functional gauge and go gauge

  • Datum references

  • Geometric tolerances

  • Inspecting size tolerances

  • Method on geometric tolerances

  • Form of tolerances

  • Tolerances orientation, location, composite

  • Compound and composite feature control frames

  • Geometric measurement analysis using excel

  • Functional gauge design

  • Technical drawing

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