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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


GD&T Application On Technical Drawing Using CMM

GD&T Application On Technical Drawing Using CMM

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants to be familiarise with the measurement methods and the software in coordinate measuring machine. Participants will be proficient with the drawing and competent operation of coordinate measuring machine CMM by the end of the course.

  • Learn technical drawing and its application

  • Implement dimension components and application of the dimensioning techniques

  • Learn the first and third angle projection in orthographic projection

  • Understand the concept of auxiliary views and its application

  • Understand datum and variety of inspection equipment

Course Outline
  • Technical drawings

  • Axonometric projection views

  • Orthogonal projection views

  • Sectional views

  • Auxiliary views

  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

  • Symbols, Usage and abbreviations 

  • Form controls 

  • Cylindrical and non-cylindrical

  • Form, orientation, location, composite controls

  • Coordinate measuring machine concepts CMM

  • Part features

  • Function tasks

  • Alignment plane, axis, datum

  • CMM terminology

  • Practical for CMM

  • Part programming 

  • Geometrics tolerance measurement

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