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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Energy Saving Techniques

Energy Saving Techniques

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to save energy in an organization especially in the manufacturing industry. This course will cover topics about how to maintain equipment, find opportunities to save energy and reduce cost.

  • Understand the be efficient at energy saving.

  • Learn how to minimise energy wastage by having a better plan and calculation.

  • Reduce cost of production.

Course Outline
  • Basic electrical theory

  • Voltage and current

  • Power and energy

  • Power factor3 phase systems

  • Resistive, inductive and capacitive

  • TNB tariff structure

  • Demand and control

  • Maximum demand charges

  • Energy audit measurement

  • Energy audit technique

  • Energy audit process

  • Air conditioning system

  • Motors and variables speed drives

  • Compressed air system

  • Energy saving opportunities

  • Lighting terminology

  • Ballast conventional

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