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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Electrical Transformer Testing And Maintenance

Electrical Transformer Testing And Maintenance

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants who need a sound understanding of power transformer operation and maintenance Participants will learn how to complete safe and proper maintenance and testing procedures on pad-mounted, power transformers.

  • Understand the basic operation of a transformer.

  • Understand turns ratios and calculate terminal voltage and current.

  • Perform a polarity test on a potential transformer.

  • Perform the electrical testing performed on transformers.

Course Outline
  • Transformer principles

  • Magnetic flux

  • Transformer losses

  • Transformer types

  • Vector diagrams

  • Transformer classifications

  • Service classification

  • Instrument transformers

  • Transformer construction (Construction)

  • Magnetizing circuits

  • Hysteresis loss

  • Eddy-current loss

  • CoolingTemperature limits

  • Transformer loading

  • Tap changers

  • Transformer connections

  • Single phase circuits

  • Two-phase circuits

  • Three-phase circuits

  • Insulation testing

  • Transformers and relaying

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