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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Electrical Power Supply In Manufacturing

Electrical Power Supply In Manufacturing

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to educate participants of the source of electrical power supply in manufacturing industry. The course is suitable for technician who are involve in maintaining the electrical power supply at workplace.

  • Understand the electrical power supply system.

  • Understand the electrical supply reticulation in manufacturing industries.

  • Operate and maintain the electrical system in the factory.

Course Outline
  • Power supply system

  • Role and responsibilities

  • Electrical power abbreviations

  • Formulae for electrical power

  • Source of alternating current

  • Types of generation

  • Power supply transmission lines

  • Supply authority

  • Electrical distribution system 33KV/11KV

  • Distribution sub-statics system 11/0 . 433 KV

  • Reticulation of electrical supply

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