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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Effective Purchasing And Negotiation Skills

Effective Purchasing And Negotiation Skills

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help purchaser team to be an effective purchaser and negotiator by applying the best negotiation techniques. Being able to apply negotiation skills correctly will be able to help organization to land on the best deal and save cost.

  • Understand the crucial purchasing skills and be an effective purchaser.

  • Able to negotiate in a professional manner with suppliers.

  • Expedite purchasing in a systematic manner.

  • Manage suppliers effectively and save during purchasing.

Course Outline
  • Purchaser’s role

  • Purchasing 6 core strategies

  • Procurement cycle

  • Tender purchasing cycle

  • Cost cutting strategies

  • Vendor selection process

  • Purchasing matrix

  • Supplier referencing model

  • Negotiation line

  • Principle of negotiation

  • Negotiation strategies

  • Negotiator matrix

  • Listening skill

  • Questioning skill

  • Language and body language analysis

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