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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Design Of Experiement DOE

Design Of Experiement DOE

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to learn the techniques for planning and completing studies in which the inputs to a system/process can be varied and the outputs observed. As well as gain hands-on experience using simulations.


Understand how to generate orthogonal designs and their benefits.

Design and implement experimental studies for comparative evaluation, input-output characterization, output variance control, input sensitivity and process control.

Course Outline
  • Introductions and course administration Types of variables

  • Relationship of quality programs

  • SPC to DOE

  • Relationship of quality programs Implement DOE

  • Reaction in variation Advantages of DOE

  • Input process output diagram

  • Process flow diagram

  • Simple DOE examples and projects Fractional factorial and screening designs Finding interactions

  • Finding quadratic effects

  • FiThree level designs

  • D-optimal designs

  • Fraction and latin square designs Box0behnken design

  • Box-wilson/ central composite design 3 factor , 2 level , 4 replication design

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