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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost Reduction Strategies

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to coach participants to establish a good foundation to develop productive supplier relationship. As well as negotiate a better contract with supplier and help to lower down the cost.

  • Find suppliers that meet company objectives.

  • Learn to negotiate contracts.

  • Manage the supplier contract efficiently at the same time to develop a great supplier buyer relationship.

  • Evaluate supplier performance and develop productive supplier relationship.

Course Outline
  • Basic of purchasing

  • Product and service purchasing

  • Role and responsibilities

  • Ethics in purchasing

  • Procedures and documentation

  • Effect of policies on purchasing

  • Purchasing

  • KPI

  • Supplier quality capabilities

  • Sourcing activities

  • Selection and qualifying suppliers

  • Evaluating suppliers

  • Strategic alliance and supplier collaboration

  • Contract negotiation

  • Demand variables

  • Supplier development

  • Supplier development process

  • Value engineering and analysis

  • Communication and clarity

  • Supplier performance

  • Supplier selections and surveys

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